AltiSense provides early detection and actionable insights for national security assessments, crime prevention, and humanitarian aid efforts. Our AI-enabled models leverage satellite imagery, socioeconomics, social networks, and other transactions data to predict emerging threats and trends. Federal Agencies, US allies, the UN, and commercial enterprises can use these insights to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions, improving safety, security, and aid efficiency worldwide.

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Our deep learning models generate socioeconomic predictions with a wide range of applications, including estimating migratory patterns, assessing national security threats, preventing emerging crimes, identifying humanitarian aid needs, predicting global immunization requirements, supporting academic research, and gathering information from conflict zones.

These predictions can improve decision-making and planning in low-income communities, enhance public safety, and provide valuable insights for academic and research purposes.


Socioeconomic factors are typically reflected in disparate data sources, including household surveys, satellite imagery, and news and social media.

Our data fusion techniques integrate satellite and ancillary data, such as census information, using deep learning models, which outperform alternatives by providing up to 70% accuracy.

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Use Cases

Areas of Focus

  • Migration and its effects
  • Humanitarian related relief, such as food and financial aid
  • Regional Conflicts indicators and related data
  • Global Immunization planning

Regions in the focus

  • Mexico and Latin America
  • Caribbean
  • Sub Saharan, East, and Central Africa
  • Red Sea Region
  • Southeast Asia

Migrants’ inflow to the US Border

Migrants inflow to the US Border

Refugees and Epidemic breakouts in East Africa

Refugees and Epidemic breakouts

Regional Conflicts and Famine in ME region

Regional Conflicts and Famine

Border conflicts, poverty and education Border conflicts, poverty and education

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